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The Dream Factory in Taufkirchen.

"Quality made in Bavaria" is the promise himolla makes to its customers.

A promise which has transformed a small family business into one of Europe's biggest upholstered furniture manufacturers.

This is where over 1000 upholstered furniture dreams are fulfilled every day.

A workforce now numbering almost 1100 turns upholstered furniture dreams into reality for thousand of customers, with over 1600 items of upholstered furniture produced every day in an area of around 83,000 square metres - with an unbelievable degree of diversity: with over 500 models and countless possibilities for variation forming the unique spectrum of the himolla product range. Our collections are sold exclusively through renowned specialist furniture outlets which, like us, attach importance to high quality and outstanding all-round service.

Certifications, test seals and quality marks.

You can rely on our himolla upholstered furniture!


  • Optimum seating comfort
  • Ergonomic back comfort
  • Solid crafted quality
  • High standard of quality

Here is a selection of our certifications, test seals and quality marks. 

himolla's unique upholstered furniture diversity - as individual as you are. A powerful brand with many faces.

To use a poetic turn of phrase, the production facilities at himolla could be called the birthplace of relaxation, comfort and well-being. 

Nowhere else would you find so many top-class brands capable of meeting the most stringent standards of comfort and quality. This is the meeting place of all the attributes you could possibly expect from one of the most comfortable upholstered furniture addresses in the world:

The countless possibilities for combining functions and the wide-ranging different design directions make each finished item of upholstered furniture truly unique.

The whole range of comfort functions – from the practical pendolin corner to the invigorating relaxation massage, all integrated perfectly into the most attractive designs.

The product portfolio ranges from bespoke furnishing landscapes to high-tech recliners, representing a wide range of different styles.

Premier himolla quality "Made in Bavaria" guarantees an unusually high standard of product quality.