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Meise moebel


Are we big? No, we´re not. But when it comes to beds, then we´re big. It is perhaps the family atmosphere with lack of corporate structure, together with a leading position within the industry that makes our company special.


For many years the entrepreneur and founder Dieter Meise has not only been working in the furniture industry but has also had a hand shaping it. At that time when beds only played a minor role in bed room concepts, Dieter Meise already considered beds to be an independent product featuring an own character and style creating element. Having left the mainstream and not entered again until now, a company which sets standard in the bed industry has developed. And which has developed to a bed giant.


A container is the most common unit for worldwide volume transaction. m.Trade, based in Hongkong, has an additional office as well as an exhibition in China. The company is primarily specializing in industrial consumers and corporate clients.


m.Trade's product range contains beds and other furniture produced in factories exclusively working for m.Trade and Meise.Möbel so that they are subject to a strict quality control.


Today probably every furniture manufacturer claims to offer high-quality work. For us this is not hollow words but a standard used by all our staff. Many employees are involved in testing and selecting suitable basic materials that meet our requirements. Each and every production step is constantly monitored and our goods are only dispatched after final inspection and testing.

You can see: For us quality is not a marketing tool. It is a true company philosophy.



Each bed was developed and designed in our company in eastern Westphalia, the cradle of the furniture industry. Here, the first hand-made prototypes are made and the degree of functionality and the quality are tested. Handcraft work forms a majority of our manufacturing and a time efficient production combined with sophisticated logistics routes ensure that our products reach our customers quickly and without waiting time.

A 20,000 square metres warehouse is constantly replenished and enables us to supply our customers in due course and because of its location in eastern Westphalia, makes distances short.